American Legion
Campbell-Lossing Post 53, inc
Department of Florida

Article I, Name

Section 1 – The name of this organization shall be: American Legion, Campbell-Lossing Post 53, Inc., Department of Florida

Article II, Objects

Section 1- The objects and purpose of this Post shall be: To promote the principles and policies as set forth in the foregoing preamble, and the National and Department Constitutions of the American Legion.

Article III, Nature  

Section 1- This post is a civilian organization and membership therein does not affect or increase liability for military or police service. Each member shall perform their duty as a citizen, according to their public office or placement.

Section 2 – The organization shall be absolutely non-political and shall not be used for the dissemination of partisan principals nor for the promotion of the candidacy of any person or persons seeking public office or preferment.

Article IV, Membership

Section 1 – Eligibility for membership in this Post shall be governed by the provisions of the National Constitution of the American Legion, relating thereto.

Section 2 -There shall be no form or class of membership except an active membership, and dues shall be paid annually or for life.

Section 3 – No person may be a member at any one time of more than one Post.

Section 4 – No person, who has been expelled by a Post, shall be admitted to membership in this Post, without the consent of the expelling Post, except that where such consent has been asked for and denied by such Post, he may then appeal the Executive Committee of the Department of the expelling Post for permission to be admitted to membership in the Post, and shall be ineligible for membership until such permission is granted.

Section 5 – Application for membership or transfer to this Post shall be made in writing under such regulations as may from time to time be prescribed by Post Executive Committee. All applications for membership or transfer shall be acted upon at the next Post meeting following the making of such application and shall, at such meeting, be accepted or rejected or referred for further investigation and consideration. If a majority cast their vote against acceptance of said application, then such application shall be recorded as rejected. A rejected application shall not again be considered until after the expiration of six months from the date of such rejection.

Section 6 – This Post of the American Legion shall be the judge of its own membership, subject to the restrictions of the Constitution and Bylaws, except that no person who is a member of an organization be force or violence, or who subscribes to the principal of any group opposed to our form of government, shall be eligible to become or remain a member of the American Legion upon a proper show of cause. Charges shall be based upon disloyalty, neglect of duty, dishonesty and conduct unbecoming a member of the American Legion. All charges must be made under oath in writing by the accusers, and no member in good standing shall lose his membership until given a fair trial by the Post or Department in such manner and form as the Department Bylaws and Department Executive Committee, or to the Department Convention, according to the provisions in the Bylaws of such Department. The decision of the Department shall be final. To expel or suspend a member shall be as prescribed by article X, Section 14 of the Department Constitution.

Article V, Officers

Section 1 – The administration affairs of this Post of the American Legion shall, except as may otherwise be provided by the Bylaws, be under the supervision of the Executive Committee which shall consist of three (3) members elected by the Post membership in addition to seven (7) elective officers of the Post: Commander, First Vice-Commander, Second Vice-Commander, Finance officer, Sgt-at-Arms, Historian and Chaplain. The Post Adjutant shall serve as secretary of this Committee with voice but no vote. The immediate past Commander shall automatically become a member of this committee with voice but no vote. The term of office of members of the Executive Committee shall be for One (1) year. The Post, by its Bylaws nay provide for such standing committee as the business of the organization may require. All proceedings of the Executive Committee must be submitted to the Post membership for approval at the next regular meeting.

Section 2 – The officers of this Post shall be elected annually by the Post and shall be: Commander, First Vice-Commander, Second Vice-Commander, Finance officer, Sgt-at-Arms, Historian, Chaplain and three (3) members at large who shall serve on the Executive Committee. The Post Adjutant, Service Officer and Judge Advocate shall be appointed by the Commander-Elect and approved by the Executive Committee and the membership at its first regular meeting following the election. All elected officers shall be nominated by the nominating committee or from the floor at the meeting proceeding the annual election.  The nominating committee shall be elected by the membership at the second meeting preceding the annual election.

Section 3 – All officers and executive committee shall be elected annually, and they hold office until their successors are duly installed or as otherwise provided. If a seated officer is to be tried for removal for cause, such action shall be in accordance with article X, Section 14 of the Department constitution. All officers and Executive Committeemen with a legitimate excuse shall be executed from Executive Committee meeting when notification has been submitted to proper authority.

Section 4 – Every member of this Post in good standing shall be eligible to hold office in this Post, except as otherwise provided in Article III- section 2 or Article IV- section 6.

Article VI, Finance

Section 1 – The revenue of this Post shall be derived from membership, from annual membership dues and from such other sources as may be approved by the Executive Committee of the Post.

Section 2 – All moneys obtained from any source by or through any person or persons acting for or in the name of the American Legion Post 53 or under its directions or authority, shall be considered American Legion Post 53 funds.

Section 3 -The amount of annual Post dues shall be as prescribed by the National and Department Constitution plus any additional amount as approved by the membership. The Fiscal year of this Post shall be July 1 to June 30- each date inclusive.

Article VII, American Legion Auxiliary

Section 1 – This Post recognizes an auxiliary organization to be known as the Auxiliary unit of Campbell-Lossing Post 53, inc., The American Legion.

Section 2 – Membership in the Auxiliary shall be as prescribed by National Constitution of the American Legion Auxiliary.

Article VIII, The Sons of the American Legion

Section 1- This Post also recognizes a Subsidiary to be known as the Sons of the American Legion Squadron 53 of the Campbell-Lossing Post 53, Inc.

Section 2 – Qualification for membership in the Sons of the American Legion shall be as prescribed by the Nation Organization of the American Legion.

Article IX, Amendments

Section 1 – The Constitution is adopted subject to the provision of the National Constitution of the American Legion and of the department Constitution of the Department of Florida, the American Legion. Any amendment to said National Constitution or Department Constitution which is in conflict with any provisions hereof shall be regarded as automatically repealing or modifying the provisions of this Constitution to the extent of such conflict.

Section 2 – This Constitution may be amended at any regular Post meeting by a vote of two-thirds of the said members of said Post attending such regular meetings-provided that: the proposed amendment shall have been submitted – in writing – and read at the next preceding regular meeting of said Post, and providing, further, that written notice shall have been given to all members at least ten (10) days – in advance of the date when such amendment is to be voted upon, notifying said members that at such meeting a proposal to amend the Constitution is to be voted upon.